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Samirel, OOO
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De l’entreprise Samirel, OOO

"Samirel" is harmony in our nature.

   Today, more and more people around the world are trying to adhere to a healthy diet. In all modern countries, such a concept as organic food is gaining popularity - literally, “natural food”. These products are not meant to contain artificial colors, additives or preservatives. This is the category of products with the Halal distinction.

   Halal is an environmentally friendly product produced in accordance with Islamic norms, as well as meeting modern environmental requirements. It is worth noting that "halal" food is consumed in the diet by people of any nationality and religion.

   In February 2019, a new enterprise was opened in the Republic of Bashkortostan, where meat products are manufactured in accordance with the most stringent Halal requirements. The production was located in an ecologically clean corner of the Tuymazinsky region and received the poetic name "Samirel". Samirel is a harmonious hostess who has become a symbol of our company. According to legend, the girl had a unique ability to find and transmit the miracle of health to her loved ones, choosing only the best for her family. She combines external beauty and high spirituality.

   In their work, Samirel specialists strictly adhere to all the canons of Islam. The entire production process is controlled by an expert in the "Halal" standard and the spiritual administration of the republic. In order to comply with the strict requirements of "Halal", the responsible persons of "Samirel" keep track of the entire background of the animal: in what conditions it was kept, how and what was fed and watered. All ingredients and spices are Halal certified. Thanks to the video cameras installed here, the work of the fighters and the veterinarian can be observed from a specially equipped room.
   A public council of Muslims has been established at the enterprise, which includes not only Samirel employees, but also representatives of the Central Spiritual Directorate of the Halal Standard Committee, prominent public figures. The list of their competencies is extremely wide: from discussing quality issues to introducing technological innovations into production. Also, laboratory tests and tasting of the products are carried out daily. After that, it is sent for packaging and subsequent shipment. All products have their own passport, by which you can easily determine who, when and on what equipment made it.

  Today the assortment list of "Samirel" includes more than 20 names of meat and sausages. One of the oldest recipes, preserved for centuries, is "Kazy in Tatarski". In the Samirel recipe book, the Family traditions of cooking meat products have been preserved and, after decades, we have managed to recreate their unique taste and aroma. And the very names of the sausages: "Kazanskaya", "Tatarskaya", "Vostochnaya" make it clear that this is not an ordinary product. And the Halal insignia on the packaging ensures that all products have been thoroughly tested. After all, the main thing for the buyer is that it is tasty and of high quality. And with that, everything is in order here.


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